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SKF bearing

SKF was founded in 1907, developed at a rapid speed to become a global company. Today SKF bearing is represented in more than 130 countries. The company has more than 100 manufacturing sites and also sales companies supported by about 15,000 distributor locations. SKF bearing also has a widely used e-business marketplace and an efficient global distribution system.

The main products of SKF bearing Group is such as solutions and services within rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Services include technical support, maintenance services, condition monitoring and training.

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  • skf bearing

    SKF SNL 511-609 Split plummer block housings, for bearings 2211 EKTN9 on an adapter sleeve H311,

    with standard seals, housings for metric shafts

    Technical data of SKF bearing housing SNL 511-609

    Shaft diameter: 50 mm

    A:  95 mm

    L:  255 mm

    H: 128 mm

    H1:  70 mm

    Weight:  4.40 kg

    Housing lip seals: SNL 511 TL

    V-ring seals: SNL 511 TA

    Labyrinth seals: SNL 511 TS

    Taconite seals: SNL 511 TND

    Locating ring: 2xFRB9.5/100

    Part SKF Split plummer block housings productlist

    SNL 505

    SNL 509

    FSNL 513-611

    SNL 518-615

    SNL 506-605

    SNL 511-609

    SNL 513-611

    FSNL 515-612

    SNL 505

    FSNL 511-609

    FSNL 512-610

    SNL 515-612

    SNL 506-605

    SNL 509

    SNL 512-610

    SNL 518-615

    SNL 506-605

    FSNL 511-609

    SNL 515-612

    FSNL 518-615

    SNL 507-606

    SNL 511-609

    FSNL 515-612

    FSNL 515-612

    SNL 506-605

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 512-610

    SNL 515-612

    SNL 507-606

    FSNL 512-610

    FSNL 512-610

    FSNL 518-615

    SNL 506-605

    SNL 512-610

    FSNL 515-612

    SNL 518-615

    SNL 507-606

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 515-612

    SNL 516-613

    SNL 507-606

    SNL 512-610

    FSNL 513-611

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 508-607

    FSNL 512-610

    SNL 513-611

    SNL 519-616

    SNL 507-606

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 516-613

    FSNL 519-616

    SNL 508-607

    FSNL 512-610

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 516-613

    SNL 507-606

    SNL 512-610

    SNL 513-611

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 508-607

    SNL 511-609

    FSNL 513-611

    SNL 519-616

    SNL 508-607

    FSNL 511-609

    SNL 516-613

    FSNL 519-616

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 513-611

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 516-613

    SNL 508-607

    FSNL 513-611

    SNL 513-611

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 511-609

    FSNL 513-611

    FSNL 519-616

    SNL 508-607

    FSNL 511-609

    FSNL 516-613

    SNL 519-616

    SNL 510-608

    SNL 513-611

    SNL 516-613

    FSNL 517

    SNL 509

    FSNL 513-611

    SNL 515-612

    SNL 517

    SNL 511-609

    FSNL 511-609

    FSNL 515-612

    FSNL 520-617

    FSNL 511-609

    SNL 511-609

    FSNL 518-615

    SNL 520-617


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          Tapered roller bearings consist of four interdependent components: the cone, or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers, or rolling elements; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads. The steeper the cup angle, the greater the ability of the bearing to handle thrust loads. 



  • SKF CARB bearings have many advantages, they can permit smaller and lighter bearing arrangement designs offering the same or

    improved performance in a particularly impressive manner, e.g. in planetary gearboxes. When using toroidal roller bearing, it has also

    been proven that vibration levels are reduced, e.g. in paper machines or fans.

    SKF CARB bearing C2238C4

    Dimension: 190mm x 340mm x 92mm

    Weight: 34KGS

    Dynamic – Static load: 1370Kn – 1730Kn

    Reference – limited speed: 1800 r/min – 2400 r/min

    Origin: made in Sweden

    The following are SKF toroidal roller bearings available from us,

    C 2224  

    C 3030 KV  

    C 4034 K30V  

    C 3138  

    C 2224 K  

    C 3030 MB  

    C 4034 V  

    C 3138 K  

    C 3224  

    C 3030 V  

    C 3134  

    C 4138 K30V  

    C 3224 K  

    C 4030 K30V  

    C 3134 K  

    C 4138 V  

    C 3026  

    C 4030 V  

    C 4134 K30V  

    C 2238  

    C 3026 K  

    C 3130  

    C 4134 V  

    C 2238 K  

    C 4026  

    C 3130 K  

    C 2234  

    C 2238 K/HA3C4  

    C 4026 K30  

    C 4130 K30V  

    C 2234 K  

    C 3040  

    C 4026 K30V  

    C 4130 V  

    C 3036  

    C 3040 K  

    C 4026 V  

    C 2230  

    C 3036 K  

    C 3040 K/HA3C4  

    C 4126 K30V/VE240  

    C 2230 K  

    C 3036 K/HA3C4  

    C 4040 K30V  

    C 4126 V/VE240  

    C 3032  

    C 4036 K30V  

    C 4040 V  

    C 2226  

    C 3032 K  

    C 4036 V  

    C 3140  

    C 2226 K  

    C 4032  

    C 3136  

    C 3140 K  

    C 2326 K/VE240  

    C 4032 K30  

    C 3136 K  

    C 3140 K/HA3C4  

    C 2326/VE240  

    C 4032 K30V  

    C 3136 K/HA3C4  

    C 4140 K30V  

    C 3028  

    C 4032 V  

    C 4136 K30V  

    C 4140 V  

    C 3028 K  

    C 3132 KMB  

    C 4136 V  

    C 3044  

    C 4028 K30V  

    C 3132 MB  

    C 3236  

    C 3044 K  

    C 4028 V  

    C 4132 K30V  

    C 3236 K  

    C 3044 K/HA3C4  

    C 4128 K30V  

    C 4132 V  

    C 3038  

    C 4044 K30V  

    C 4128 V  

    C 3232  

    C 3038 K  

    C 4044 V  

    C 2228  

    C 3232 K  

    C 3038 K/HA3C4  

    C 3144  

    C 2228 K  

    C 3034  

    C 4038 K30V  

    C 3144 K  

    C 3030 KMB  

    C 3034 K  

    C 4038 V  

    C 3144 K/HA3C4  

    SKF standard housings are available for almost all CARB bearings of diameter series 0, 1, 2 and 3. Any requirement about CARB bearings,

    feel free to contact us.

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  • SKF SAF 22515 Split plummer block housings are supplied as kits include SAF 515 housing, 22215 EK bearing, 1XSR15-0 locating ring, SNW 15X2.7/16 adapter sleeve. The SKF bearing housings are designed for heavy-duty operation in conveyors, mining, papermaking equipment as well as lighter duty and high speed service in fans, blowers and other applications:

    Description of SKF SAF 22515

    Shaft diameter: 2.7/16 in / 61.913 mm

    A2: 4.11/16 in / 119.063 mm

    L: 11.1/4 in / 285.75 mm

    H: 7,1654 in / 157.6 mm

    H1: 3.3/4 in / 82.55 mm

    Weight: 28 lb / 12.7 kg

    Basic dynamic load rating: 47700 lbf / 212 kN

    SKF SAF 22517 Split plummer block housings kit.

    SAF 22507

    FSAF 22613

    FSAF 22516x2.3/4

    FSAF 22518

    SAF 22509x1.3/8

    SAF 22613

    SAF 22516x2.3/4

    SAF 22518

    SAF 22609x1.3/8

    SAF 22513x2.1/4

    SAF 22616x2.3/4

    SAF 22618

    SAF 22509

    FSAF 22613x2.1/4

    FSAF 22616x2.3/4

    FSAF 22518x3.1/4

    SAF 22609

    SAF 22613x2.1/4

    FSAF 22517x2.13/16

    SAF 22518x3.1/4

    SAF 22509x1.1/2

    FSAF 22515x2.3/8

    SAF 22517x2.13/16

    SAF 22618x3.1/4

    SAF 22609x1.1/2

    SAF 22515x2.3/8

    SAF 22617x2.13/16

    FSAF 22520x3.5/16

    SAF 22510x1.5/8

    SAF 22615x2.3/8

    FSAF 22617x2.13/16

    SAF 22520x3.5/16

    SAF 22610x1.5/8

    FSAF 22615x2.3/8

    FSAF 22517x2.7/8

    SAF 22620x3.5/16

    SAF 22510

    FSAF 22515

    SAF 22517x2.7/8

    FSAF 22520x3.3/8

    SAF 22610

    SAF 22515

    SAF 22617x2.7/8

    SAF 22520x3.3/8

    SAF 22510x1.3/4

    SAF 22615

    FSAF 22617x2.7/8

    SAF 22620x3.3/8

    SAF 22610x1.3/4

    FSAF 22615

    FSAF 22517

    FSAF 22520

    SAF 22511x1.7/8

    FSAF 22515x2.1/2

    SAF 22517

    SAF 22520

    SAF 22611x1.7/8

    SAF 22515x2.1/2

    SAF 22617

    SAF 22620

    FSAF 22611x1.7/8

    SAF 22615x2.1/2

    FSAF 22617

    FSAF 22520x3.1/2

    SAF 22511

    FSAF 22615x2.1/2

    SAF 22517x3

    SAF 22520x3.1/2

    FSAF 22611

    FSAF 22516x2.5/8

    SAF 22617x3

    SAF 22620x3.1/2

    SAF 22611

    SAF 22516x2.5/8

    FSAF 22617x3

    SAF 22522x3.13/16

    SAF 22511x2

    SAF 22616x2.5/8

    FSAF 22518x3.1/16

    SAF 22622x3.13/16

    SAF 22611x2

    FSAF 22616x2.5/8

    SAF 22518x3.1/16

    SAF 22522X3.7/8

    SAF 22513x2.1/8

    FSAF 22516

    SAF 22618x3.1/16

    SAF 22622x3.7/8

    SAF 22613x2.1/8

    SAF 22516

    FSAF 22518x3.1/8

    SAF 22522

    FSAF 22613x2.1/8

    SAF 22616

    SAF 22518x3.1/8

    SAF 22622

    SAF 22513

    FSAF 22616

    SAF 22618x3.1/8

    SAF 22522x4

    SKF SAF 22515 grease quantity is valid for 100% bearing fill,50% housing fill. Housing kit components can also be ordered separately. Purchasing SAF Split plummer block housings from our company, you can get big discount.

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